A Good Thing

My little d’oh moment was a good thing.  I wasn’t doing so hot with the exercise and water portions.  This will trigger me to take these more seriously and make them a part of the changes to get the incentives.  Making a little bit of progress a little bit at a time.  So, I move forward.


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Screw Up

Today I managed to screw up on this and ending up eating a Chik-fil-a chicken biscuit. I could write a long excuse for why but that is pointless. This is the exact point where I usually lose track on any changes. I have always had this “all or nothing” mentality. I would take it as a failure and give everything up for lost. Not gonna happen. I am just going to move on. The one thing I am going to do is give this little screw up consequences of a different nature. I figure I have a choice as far as my incentives go. I can either reduce my first incentive from the iPod touch to the iPod Nano or push back the date for both incentives a month. I think the latter works better incentive wise and might be a good rule of thumb for any other breaches. Breaches!?!? I sound so serious.  Anyway, I think I shall do that.

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Spot on in the Eating; Not So Much in the Exercise

I am doing a great job in the eating areas of these changes and these minor changes already have me feeling a bit better.  Not so much in the exercise areas.  So, I am proposing a simple exercise plan that should not be too stressful for moi.  One of the things that benched me–so to speak–when I was an active runner was the idea that I had to run every day.  I would run through injuries and things got worse to where I could not run for weeks at a time.  As such, I am going to propose (to myself?) a simple alternating exercise schedule.

Here it is: Every other day I will run, walk, or do some combination of the two for at least thirty minutes.  This will start out as more walking and hopefully build its way into running.  On the off days, I will follow a simple dumbbell exercise regime to build muscle that is desperately needed.  Plus, this will allow me to exercise on off nights while watching The Colbert Report. 

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The “/Junk” is Important

I made a slight change to the changes I wish to make.  I added “/Junk” to “Avoid fast food like the plague”.  It now reads “Avoid fast/junk food like the plague”.  This is more inclusive and will prevent me from weaseling out of eating healthy by convincing myself my changes do not include Doritos or Pop Tarts and the like even when I know these are as bad for me as any crap I can get a McD’s.  I tend to be very literal.  So, no wiggle room is good.

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Day One: Making a Go of It

Today, I did quite well. I avoided all meat and fast/junk food, which is a really big one for me. Convenience is key when you are as busy as I am. I often fins myself with twenty minutes or so for lunch and I dash out and grab drive through poison. Ah, that’s B.S., I usually have time to get a good lunch or could bring my own, I just have become strangely addicted to fast food that I don’t even like. Truth be told, I do not think there is a 2 day period in the past three years (maybe further) that I have not gotten some fast food. How sad is that? So, making it through one day is a big deal, if somewhat sad.

I did not get a full 30 of exercise. I think one thing I should have added was to make sure I get 8 hours of sleep. My lack of sleep leaves me exhausted and makes time for exercise difficult. Anyway, I did implement all of the other changes and will continue to work on the exercise bit.

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Inspiration of a T-Shirty Nature

Going along with the theme of this here blog and my love of t-shirts as an expression of my need to get healthy, I am asking all friends and relatives that for the next year they not buy me any gifts–no books, CDs, or other stuff–but t-shirts in sizes L or XL.  I already have quite a collection but want to build up a larger collection that I keep in a prominent location in my room that will act as sort of a tangible reminder of why I am making these changes.  If you have any old Ts in those sizes send ’em along as well.  I mean it!  For any giftgiving occasion until I have stuck to these lifestyle changes for a year, the only thing I want is T-shirts.  After the year, my large collection will remind me of why I made and need to maintain these changes. 

There you go.  Just trying to have some fun with this and keep myself motivated.


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Extra Incentive

As an extra incentive to me to follow through with these changes, I am proposing to gifts for myself.  See the sidebar for details.  The first I receive if I can go to my birthday (10/25) following my lifestyle changes.  The second will come if I make it through this yea.  From there, the changes will become so ingrained I should be launched on a lifetime of health, which is really its own reward.  But, hey, iPods and La-Z-Boys are awful damn nice too.


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